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Imo PDP warns APC, Hope Uzodinma, Rochas Okorocha


Press Statement

Don’t Turn Imo Into A War Zone 

Imo PDP warns APC, Hope Uzodinma, Rochas Okorocha 

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP Imo State, strongly condemns the horrific, violent and bloody gun battle which recently occurred in the state between supporters of Senator Rochas Okorocha and Governor Hope Uzodimma where they were engaged in a bizarre sporadic shooting over the sealing of Royal Spring Palm Estate hotel, Akachi, by the Government.

It is highly disgusting that the present APC Government in the state has turned Imo into a terror zone, theatre of war and conflict. In recent times, Imolites have had the most tragic and excruciating experience ranging from the recent military invasion in Orlu which led to loss of lives and properties, insecurity and other forms of gruesome attacks leading to breakdown of peace and order in the state. 

The recent violence perpetrated by supporters of Senator Rochas Okorocha and Governor Hope Uzodimma has stirred up tension and apprehension in the state thereby toppling the atmosphere of saturated peace and tranquility.

It is indeed, highly despicable that under the present administration, Imo State which used to be the center and cynosure of public peace and orderliness has turned into a jungle of terror where hooliganism, rascality, thuggery and abuse of the dignity of human peace have become the order of the day. The APC Government in the state has created a Frankenstein monster which haunts the relative peace and social order in the state , Imolites are now leaving under fear and apprehension and can no more sleep with their two eyes closed. 

It is most disheartening that our dear state has become a laughing stock and object of mockery and caricature due to the present psychopathic leadership which is creating unnecessary tension and also mortgaging the peace of the state. 

Only last week, it was Governor Uzodinma inviting the Nigerian Army to attack innocent residents of Orlu Local Government Area and environs on what is purely a failure of intelligence gathering by appropriate security Agencies leading to the death of innocent civilians. 

While Imolites are yet to come out of the shock and still counting costs of the Orlu massacre, the leadership of APC in Imo State led by Governor Hope Uzodinma and Senator Rochas Okorocha unleashed unprecedented terror on Imolites through the use of tugs and deadly cultists and weapons apparently on a fight of who gets a bigger chunk of the commonwealth of Imo asserts. 

Make no mistakes about it. This fight has nothing to do with the Welfare and wellbeing of Imo Citizens. If that was the case, both parties would have followed due process and approached the courts as prescribed by law in relation to matters like this. It is crystal clear that the battle is about would retain or take over looted assets of the State. 

We wish to add that since the inception of the present APC Government in the state, Imo State has never experienced any modicum of peace rather the state has continued to wallow and dangle on the debris of hopelessness, misgovernance and massive developmental haemorrhage. Rather than tormenting and unleashing terror on Imolites, APC Government in the state should begin to champion a harmonized and defined strategy for leadership excellence and good governance. 

We hereby call on the federal government to reign in their surrogates in Imo State to avoid a total breakdown of law and anarchy in Imo State before it’s too late 


Ogubundu Nwadike 

Publicity Secretary 

PDP, Imo State

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