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Rochas Okorocha should thank Chinasa Nwaneri, it would have been worse for him, Moshe Edeji insists

Popular political writer and analyst in Imo State, Mr. Moshe Edeji, insists the former Govenror of Imo State Rochas Okorocha got off lightly yesterday, when he was arrested for trespassing into the premises of Royal Spring Palm Hotel, which had been sealed by the State Govenrment.

Edeji while talking to MaaziTV, stated that if the officials of the Govenrment, led by the SA Special Duties, Chinasa Nwaneri had not applied control and restraint, the people of Imo State, who came to resist Okorocha forceful entrance into the sealed property, would have dealt brutally with the former Govenror.

Speaking, Edeji stated, “When Rochas Okorocha was Govenror, who are you to dare talk to him? He demolished part of Captain Iheanacho’s house, even when a court ruling restrained him.

“He demolished Eke Ukwu despite court order, killing young Somtochukwu in the process. What sent Eze Njemanze to his early grave? People lost billions and he didn’t care. He did what he liked.

“He was lucky yesterday that Chinasa Nwaneri managed to control the people who stormed the place. Okorocha should be thanking Chinasa for saving him, because Chinasa saved him a worse fate, if the people of Imo State had gotten their hands on him.

“If the 10,000 youths he sacked from their jobs had been there, or the millions who lost their livelihood at Eke Ukwu, or Somtochukwu’s parents, were there yesterday, the case would have been different.

“Okorocha should count himself lucky. He ruled Imo with an iron hand. It’s time he saw that he is not the only one visited by madness. In same climes, he should even be ashamed to move around in the state, after how he left Imo State.

“Look at what Uzodinma have been able to achieve in such a short time. Okorocha rules Imo for eight years, and left Imo without a single motorable road. Okorocha cannot dare walk the streets of Imo State, without the people attacking him. Let him try it. I tell you, he was very lucky yesterday. Let him not try this kind of play again, it may end up beyond police detention.”

Okorocha was later released from Police detention.

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