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Uzodinma has the right to seal Okorocha’s property, it was criminal of Okorocha to break into it – Irobi Darlington

Owerri based Social commenter and analyst, Mr. Irobi Darlington, have insisted that Senator Hope Uzodinma, had every constitutional right, to seal Okorocha’s property and that the former Govenror, Rochas Okorocha, broke the law by breaking into the property.

Irobi made the submission, during a chat with MaaziTV, regarding the legality of the Imo State Govenrment’s seizure of the property, reportedly belonging to the wife of the former Govenror, Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha.

The Imo State Govenrment, had on Friday 19th of 2021, sealed up the property, along Akachi road. The Commissioner for Lands Barr Enyinnaya Onuegbu, had led the team that sealed the place.

Okorocha would yesterday break into the premise, resulting in a violent face-off between him and agents of the state, which climaxed in his arrest by the police.

Irobi was of the view, that Uzodinma was acting constitutionally, according to a legally constituted Judicial Panel of Enquiry White Paper report, made available to him.

“Okorocha had the chance to avert this disgraceful outing. He was invited several times by the panel to clear gray areas, concerning the ownership of the property, and it’s location, but he chose to be above the law. For a lawmaker, who has not regard for the law, one begins to wonder what kind of laws he would make, since he doesn’t even obey them.

“Governor Hope Uzodinma, has all the legal and constitutional rights, to act on the report on the Judicial Panel of Enquiry. Okorocha was wrong to break into the property. By so doing, he trespassed and could be treated like a common criminal for doing so.

Recall that during the Otokoto saga, a similar Judicial Panel was raised, and foreclosed the property of those affected. It would be a duplication of legal proceedings, to start getting another court injunction, when there is an already gazetted White Paper Report, from a competent Judicial Panel of Enquiry.

“All Okorocha had to do, was to approach the court, and challenge the seizure. He should know that as a lawmaker he is. But he is probably afraid that the court might not give him favourable ear, as he is known for disregarding the disrespecting the court, when he was Govenror.

“As Govenror of Imo State, did he not demolish part of Captain Iheanacho’s home? What about Eke Ukwu for crying out loud? As long as the panel mandated the governor to take over that property, Uzodinma was within the ambits of the law in his action, and Okorocha’s actions can best be described as criminal to put it mildly.”

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