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Hope Uzodinma, a Political bandit, vindictive – Imo APGA


Is Senator Okorocha the problem of Ndi Imo at moment? Why is Senator Uzodinma creating more enemies here and there for himself? Why can’t Senator Uzodinma first concentrate in using Imo LGAs and State Allocations to develop Imo State than pushing shadows? What has Uzodinma achieved so far as an Imo Governor?

In as much as I am 100 percent against looting of public funds and properties, every well-meaning Governor should first, concentrate in paying civil servants/pensioners; construct standard roads and other developmental projects; provide adequate security and conducive environment for the citizens; and create job opportunities for the youths. Within his 100 days in Office, everyone should go see what Governor Zulum of Borno State did, upon the Boko Haram attacks and banditry in his State. Imo is a peaceful State; what has Senator Uzodinma achieved so far with the 27 Imo LGAs/State Allocations, and internally generated revenues? Where exactly is Senator Uzodinma burying or packing Imo money, and for what purpose?

As a matter of fact, what has Senator Uzodinma done so far for the growth and development of Imo State? I feel bad when someone becomes a Governor, instead of him to concentrate in doing good jobs, he starts to witch hunt others due to political differences, selfish interest, and misunderstanding/ disagreements. I call it selfishness, greediness and hatred; and there should be no hatred and bitterness in politics. What exactly do “vindictive” politicians achieve in witch hunting others? When a Governor leaves the good jobs he is suppose to do with State funds, and starts to witch hunt others, that shows he was not even prepared to be a Governor/Leader.

Imo State at the moment, needs standard roads; pedestrian bridges and flyovers/bridges. Imo workers and pensioners need to be paid at the right time to avoid unnecessary sufferings and deaths. There is no adequate security in Imo State at the moment, and no basic amenities. There is no single job creation and empowerment for Imo women. Senator Uzodinma is yet to tell Ndi Imo what he has done so far with the 27 Imo Local Government and State Allocations. Yet, he continues to chase rats while his house is on fire. Senator Uzodinma cannot stop to be distracted by irrelevant things, instead of him and his team to focus in developing Imo State.

Why has Senator Uzodinma chosen to fight the good, bad and ugly in Imo, instead of doing well to attract and build developmental projects in the State? Can Senator Uzodinma sincerely tell Ndi Imo what he has done with Imo LGAs Allocations, and who exactly is handling the 27 Imo LGA Allocations? Is it a crime if we term Sanator Uzodinma a corrupt and incompetent Governor? Like his counterparts in Anambra, Ebonyi and Rivers, when exactly will Senator Uzodinma start to commission completed projects in Imo State?

As a matter of fact, Senator Uzodinma should leave Senator Okorocha alone and focus in developing Imo State. Yes, it is good to recover looted properties. But Senator Uzodinma should first, show Imolites what he has achieved so far with all the Allocations before pointing accusing finger at others. Where are Imo LGAs’ Allocations? In whose account are these Allocations being transferred to after being released from Abuja? What good plan does Senator Uzodinma have for jobless Imo youths? When exactly shall Uzodinma conduct free and fair LGAs’ election?

Senator Uzodinma should be focused, as there is no time. Imo State needs standard developmental projects; good road network; neat and conducive environment. Why can’t Senator Uzodinma be serious for once?

Did Senator Uzodinma come to fight Okorocha, or to develop Imo State? Senator Uzodinma has seen he will only serve One Term and therefore, has decided to fight dirty with everyone in Imo State.

Imo State Needs Standard Roads At The Moment

#Pay Imo Workers And Pensioners

#No Job Creation For Imo Youths

#No Women Empowerment In Imo State

#Stop Vindictive Politics In Imo State

#Uzodinma Be Focus

#Time Wastes For Nobody

Senator Okorocha is not your problem, or the problem of Ndi Imo at the moment. Time shall also come when you give account of the 27 Imo LGAs’ and State Allocations.

Imo State cannot stop to suffer in the hands of incompetent leaders, economic terrorists and political bandits.

Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi
DG, Imo APGA New Media

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