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Protest set to hit Abuja, as Nigerians demand to be equipped to protect themselves

Information reaching Efizzy and MaaziTV, has it that there is heavy mobilzation in Keffi, Suleja, Lokoja and other neighboring towns close to Abuja.

Some persons are said to be mobilizing youths and women to come and demand that the Defence Minister, equip them with materials for defence or he resigns.

Information also has it that close to 90 bus drivers have been mobilized to aid protesters come into Abuja from neighboring towns and cities against the Wednesday showdown in abuja.

Information confirmed that the Minister was said to have earlier urged Nigerians to defend themselves instead of always crying fowl about every attack.

The protesters, are said to be coming to demand that they be equipped, so that they can protect themselves, since the Govenrment is not capable to guarantee their safety.

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