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Ihedioha: Restoring the integrity of the Supreme Court

On the 14th of January 2020, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, gave a ruling that shocked the whole nation, and even the world who heard about it

It was the case filed against Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, by Senator Hope Uzodinma.

It was a case which a Supreme Court judge, Centus Nweze, on the 4th of March 2020, during an attempt to review the verdict of the Supreme Court, would promise the Supreme Court, that their ruling on the matter, “will continue to haunt our (Nigeria’s) electoral jurisprudence for a long time to come”.

Since after that judgement, the common Nigerian had suddenly lost hope in the Supreme Court of Nigeria. More integrity had now been ascribed to High Court and Appeal Court judges, while some people now view Supreme Court judgements, as “cash and carry”.

PhilipUmeadi SAN, suddenly came to restore the integrity of the Supreme Court, agreeing that the Supreme Court arrived at its judgement, based on available information presented before it.

The results Uzodinma presented, were not properly proested against by Ihedioha’s legal team, to pin point the loopholes, neither was the Ihedioha team thinking out of the box as they should have, to call the attention of the court to the suit Umeadi is filing today.

Umeadi has presented an opportunity for the Supreme Court, to remedy a battered image, but unfortunately, it seems they are reluctant to make Nigerians see them in a different light. The seeming deliberate refusal to hear the suit filed by Umeadi, seems to confirm the belief, that there is something some persons have on the Supreme Court, that allows them control how things are done there.

There have been accusations of bribery and money changing hands, as reasons for the delay, and these accusations seem to gain credence with the continued refusal of the Supreme to hear the matter, and remedy itself.

D. Olu Olagoke wrote a book about the incorruptiblity of justice, but today, Nigerians seem to have a different view of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

it should be the last line of defense for all Nigerians, the last stand for our sanity, but today, people wonder at what cost can the Supreme Court, for the sake if one man, put it’s integrity at risk?

With the entrance of Uche Nwosu into rhe matter, and Okorocha’s boost of having more money than the state itself, Nigerians now hope, that if it has been money and bribery that had kept the case down, somebody with the financial muscles to match, has finally entered the ring and there may yet be hope for a return of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, even if it is “cash and carry”.

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