Imo State Craves For Justice and Rule of Law

By Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

SSA[Gov] Public Enlightenment.

The despotic and totalitarian excesses of the former IMO State governor, now Senator by gangsterism, has continued to worry and disturb the peace of the entire landscape of Imo State. The rascality, lawlessness, bravado and criminal audacity of Owelle Rochas Okorocha as demonstrated in his attempt and eventual unsealing of a legally sealed property built with Imo bailout/Paris fund must not and shall not be swept under the carpet, his stolen chair in the senate notwithstanding. THIS MUST BE NOTED IF GOVERNMENT IS TO MAINTAIN PUBLIC TRUST EVEN IN THIS GODSENT 3R GOVERNMENT.

Imo was raped for eight unhindered years economically, politically and socially. It is a bitter reality that  a man who became, by the most criminal propaganda against an incumbent Ikedi Ohakim (using the sacred Roman Catholic Church and an unknown Reverend Father) has now become an emperor over IMO even after leaving power. With his renowned “familiocratic” nepotism, he had stolen IMO blind and now has the audacity to rub it on our faces by claiming to be richer than the State he just governed. I wonder if Owelle Rochas Okorocha who literarily begged to raise his election’s fund in 2011 with Imolites generously contributing through gold cards to fund his ascent to power could be as boastful in 2011 as he now is. 🤔 Thousands of pensioners had died over his neglect and like an incorrigible glutton, he squandered our bailout fund generously given by President Buhari. Owelle’s leadership highhandedness and kleptomaniac tendencies brought APC so much hatred in IMO and in Igboland during last Presidential elections.

The sins of Owelle has spilled over. Yes, he has chewed more than he can swallow. Yes, this has to be the last public show of impunity within IMO body polity. The entire State is enraged : The clergy, the NBA, the civil society groups, the market women, Artesians, the pensioners and indeed the youths of IMO State insist on justice and the rule of law over the criminal audacity of the serving Senator-turned thug. This public ridiculing and desecration of IMO State’s/ Nigeria’s democratic institution must be made to face the law of the land. How could a man who masterminded the impoverishment of the State by his senseless, primitive and unearthly conversion, usurpation and brazen stealing of Imo’s patrimony be impugning on the integrity of a fair, transparent and tactful 3R government of Shared Prosperity and go Scot free?

Was it not Owelle who personally supervised the demolition of people’s properties without compensation and heartlessly even when he was restrained from so doing by the instrumentality of court processes? In our apparent amnesia, we remember so much! Captain Iheanacho’s beautiful property beside the Owerri High Court near Warehouse Roundabout was devalued wickedly by this randomly condemned ex emperor. He stood himself to supervise the destructions and in the process challenging the retired Captain to dare him so that he could teach the retired Captain lessons with his Executive powers. Captain Iheanacho’s sin was daring to contest against him in the 2015 gubernatorial elections. So many other victims abound whose houses, shops and valued estates were forcefully taken over and the occupants chased out of their abodes. Area K was in his radar but Owerrinchise resisted him. The Shell camp area inhabited by civil servants was forcefully and illegally possessed by this same man who boasts of having and even publicly cerebrated it, some 1000 choice allocations and prized estates in IMO between 2011 and 2019! Go to Naze, he amassed so much estates there; Alvan Ikoku College of Education, he was there; etc etc. He strategically positioned his son-inlaw as a commissioner of Lands just to convert public estates to himself, his family members and cronies.

IMO craves for justice. Little Somtochukwu is now in the great beyond on the callous account of the man’s greed and covetousness over public properties.

Imagine building a massive University in Ogboko on a land acquired from his own people by IMO State government under his watch, built to finish with IMO tax payers’ billions only to concoct a PPP arrangement where he represented the State Government as the Governor and also represented his Rochas Foundation as signatories taking 90% share of the multi billion Naira worth University and acceding to a paltry 10% share to IMO State. What an abuse of office! What a monumental rape!! What a shame!!! Poor billionaire.

Just imagine the shameless effrontery with which this same man took over the massive old Imo Broadcasting Corporation’s hectares of land – our collective patrimony – just because he was the Governor! At Spibat, Mbieri natives have been compelled to be disinherited of their forebears’ estates. What a man!

He had accumulated so much money that he uses the money to promote social unrests. The hijacked ENDSAR protest’s havoc on State properties and the recent mayhem in Orlu are all traceable to such stupendous accumulation of earthly money. 

Shameless, he has mooted a political merger with the IMO PDP. He also can now dine and wine with Nnamdi Kalu just to distract the RECOVERY efforts of the 3R government. What a disappointment he faces!

The only language we Imolites want to hear now is JUSTICE. If Owelle Rochas Okorocha as a Senator could become this cheap in brigandage, thuggery and criminality, the law must be made to take its course on him. Nobody is above the law. Owelle no longer enjoys any immunity!

IMOLITES CRAVE FOR JUSTICE AND RULE OF LAW. Anything less is an affront to civility and our collective peace.

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