Re: The Imo Imbroglio, A CALL For Political Solution

Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

Honestly, I read the referenced pseudo-appeal written by my estranged talented partisan @⁨FCC Jones⁩ a number of times. I couldn’t be appeased, I must quickly quip. The more I read the unusually soft-worded piece from the wordsmith, the more I realized I’m not a politician. I understood clearly why, because of practicing politicians, our polity has remained in the dark for as long as we have been, having been overtaken in all spheres of human existence by little-known nations of Africa whom Nigeria should be ripe enough to have colonized. Even Cows finish under the cuts of Suya Mallam!

I pitied for IMO. IMO had bled for so long. And thank God for His interventions in the affairs of our dear State this time around.

We play politics with criminality and therefore criminalize politics. I really shudder in the fear that very soon, Rwanda, if we do not stop this joke taken too far, can aspire to recolonize Nigeria. They have strong institutions that respect nobody but keep their statutes beyond citizens’ abuse and ridicule. Rule of Law is truly in high demand in democracies. No human political setting survives when its institutions are malleable and subject to whom they concern; the law for less mortals.

To tell you the truth: All propagandas have expiry dates. It really is a weak option of political weaponry. Lies don’t last! Okoko Ndem, despite his wizardry in war propaganda, led many a Biafran soldier to the great beyond!

I was pleasantly miffed that the vindications of a certain South Eastern Governor is gradually manifesting after so long a damning reckoning that all he represented was fraud. The work of propaganda! What was not said? Nothing!

Yes, only the gullible believed. But those who wouldn’t be deceived were not deceived. I thank God I didn’t believe those lies. But, it’s a credit to the victim that he never waned in his real ways; he remained focused till this long only to be crowned the incontestable winner!

 I was happy all the same that the sweet vindications finally came and did come from one of the sources of such damning propagandas. Onu kwuru njo ekwubego nma.

Thank you @⁨FCC Jones⁩, at least, for publicly rehearsing. Your choosy and nice adjectives to qualify H/Excellency Dist Senator Hope Uzodinma, the Executive Governor of IMO State are deserving and welcomed. You dressed him well and addressed him respectfully, at least for the first time. Yeah, he is your Governor, our Governor, the only incumbent true icon of good accountable governance now in IMO State. You were right, too, to accord him the dignity of his Chieftaincy status and also painted his portrait as an influential son of IMO State. I can’t overlook your mention of his alias (Onwa Oyoko) in that piece worthy of commendation. In fact, let me read the piece again. Excuse me, please.

Waoh! Did I read correctly? *”As the governor of the State, ONWA OYOKO is the FATHER of IMO State..”*

@⁨FCC Jones⁩, as I sieved away elements of deceit/trick and mind games therein contained, I underlined the noble facts you espoused. IMO needs peace! Prosperity thrives in peace and peace allows for equitable sharing of prosperity which comes ONLY in a convivial/ crises-free circumstances.

“Governance is a serious business”, I heard our Governor telling the world in the presence of PMB on 23rd February, 2021 at Aso Villa. The singular most necessary reason why there is a government is to protect, secure and serve its people and concerns.

Laws are statutes that should be respected. No single individual, the Governor inclusive, is bigger than IMO State. Not an ex-Governor; not a serving Senator and of course, not the richest in IMO is.

Ohashierism remains an immortal lexical legacy of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. I remember Iberiberism too. The immortality of those imports holds sway in the referred “imbroglio” which IMO is unfortunately engrossed in. All avoidable mess! Too dirty even to the most immoral.

I must commend you for your forthright outspokenness. At least, you stopped after a long stray, to reason and obviously made some hardened hearts to soften under the fluidity of your ink. As a self-professed apologist of Sen Rochas Okorocha, you have led the way, well ahead of @Prof Obiaraeri and @Sam Onwuemeodo in preaching peace. You can now freely be harkened to as you urge your Principal to apologize to IMO State, not to the Governor. Yes, the Governor is not the owner of IMO State. He’s only a servant leader.

Lest I forget, there are no interpersonal political reasons for the present scenario that is playing out. If Sen Rochas Okorocha has issues with ego, I can tell you as IMO Government’s official mouthpiece on public enlightenment that my Principal, the Executive Governor of IMO State is one amiable person in whom no haughtiness resides. 

Let peace be still in IMO. 

“Everyone is crying out for peace. None is crying out for justice”. That was Peter Toch’s lyric.


Let justice be done in IMO. Peace is going to be our laurel.

To the last pin, let all looted IMO wealth be RECOVERED. Or, at least, a plea bargain with humility of the haughty! Who knows, Imolites can forgive and forget.

But don’t rape a man’s mother in his face and call his father a nincompoop. The risks therein are grand.

Stanford Arinze Nwokedi is the Senior Special Assistant to Gov Hope Uzodinma on Public Enlightenment

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