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Recalling Rochas Okorocha, OPOCA’s Poker Game



Stanford Arinze Nwokedi

The above captioned @⁨FCC Jones⁩ Onwuasoanya’s coinage: OPOCA’S POKER GAME refers.

To situate the deserved travails of the former Governor of IMO State and serving Senator of Orlu zone, Sen Owelle Rochas Okorocha on the laughable ground of vendetta and cheap political witch hunting is perhaps the greatest show of delusion, disconnection from public reality and without mincing words, an affront to the collective sensibilities of IMO people. These, coming from @⁨FCC Jones⁩ Onwasoanya, a directly complicit, though penitent, beneficiary of the Okorocha’s era of brazen roguery and stupid accumulation of unnecessary wealth can not be left without a commensurate media mention, correction and for the good records of posterity.

What, perhaps, @⁨FCC Jones⁩ has failed to achieve in his game is rationalizing the stealing spree of the notorious Okorocha era with his diversionary antics. He woefully failed, too, to deceive the rest of Nigerians, certainly not Imolites, that Okorocha and his gang of family and enlarged political “thiefdom” are now objects of some vendetta. This rejoinder is meant to further portray the truth vis-à-vis the unprecedented, absolutely outlandish, wickedly primitive insatiability and may the truth be said, the unconscionable conversion and brazen stealing of known public properties using his privileges as a Governor between 2011 and 2019.

Although, there is every tendency for @⁨FCC Jones⁩ to wish the impossible for his paymaster, I strongly believe that even Okorocha himself, his scattered followership and sworn partners in the crime all know that there are monumental evidences to warrant a long term imprisonment for his rape (without condom) of IMO State.

How may the conversion of former Eastern Palm University built on government acquired acres of land with public funds be looked at as a personal matter between Governor Hope Uzodinma and Senator Rochas Okorocha?
How could any sensible individual ever allude to the deceit that the government’s recovery of amassed public estates as obvious and particular as the Ikedi Ohakim-mapped-out-acres of land for the New Government House Project ( with block relics of the commencement of the project still there) by Okorocha and his tactless looting gang is a personal vendetta?
Vende-whaat? Nonsense!

Who would be deceived that the unaccounted Paris fund, bailout fund, ISOPADEC #5b to Nneoma Okorocha, etc now seen in the Royal Spring Palm Hotels and Apartments built on green verge against the Otamiri watershed stipulations of the highly protected Ndubuisi Kalu Owerri Master plan is now a personal matter between Governor Hope Uzodinma and Senator Rochas Okorocha?

Does this unschooled thief know he once had a Code of Conduct Asset declaration? Does he think that by claiming that the Royal Spring Palm Hotels and Apartments belonged to his wife, he had deceived anybody? Does he not also know he was too to declare his wife’s possession as his own in the C-o-C form?

Wait a bit, did he have the littered thousands of choice properties in IMO State before he became a Governor in 2011 or did he use his prerogative to allot to himself all he now has? So, in Owelle’s wildest dreams, Imolites are fools with indolent minds, all hapless idiots who can’t confront him even after the embarrassing dual tenures are gone? How tactless was that man?

So, to conceal these monumental heap of stolen assets, the desperation to foist on IMO his own son in-law was his best bait for survival? No other tenable option? I mean, no plan B? Hmmm! More reason why IMO State should appreciate the man that achieved the 3R mantra even before he was sworn in as Governor. Most Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma has fortuitously and capably become the saving grace for IMO State at this point in time. Yes, who says men no dey?

On OPOCA, this poker game is worth playing. What @Barr Rex Anunobi and indeed all members of the OPOCA should now show is their competence to make the recall of Owelle Rochas Okorocha from the Senate a reality. This shall, beyond serving him for his unearthly greed, post-power bravado and criminal effrontery etc, instil probity, accountability and fear of the future in all elected government officials. I trust the poker players in this game for IMO emancipation. Thank God there is an @ Nze Agukwe in the first eleven of the OPOCA poker team.

We wait to see.

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