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The relevance of Olisa Metu’s task on Igbo leaders about IPOB

By Johnny Enyiduru

When the former PDP spokesman, Chief Olisa Metu tasked the Igbo political leaders on how to address the grievances of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), Chief Metu didn’t say this just because of IPOB’s candid campaign for his release, no! He said this out of his convictions that IPOB has a point in demanding for a referendum.

Chief Metu is the only Igbo politician I have seen with a living conscience and one who hates to patronize evil for a political patronage. Metu might have investigated the honest activities of IPOB and discovered to his chagrin that the majority of NdịIgbo have since left the Igbo political leaders for IPOB.

Hear him here:

“Truth be told, the majority of Igbos identify with the angst underlying the IPOB agitation.

“I have witnessed first hand, the strong affinity of the majority of the Igbos to the fundamental sentiments and anxieties behind the IPOB agitations.

“I earnestly plead with our elders and the elected leaders of my people to work out ways and means of addressing the IPOB issue.”

Yes, Olisa Metu, shortly after being released from the prison didn’t even want to be seen as a Saint or ask his supporters to organize political show or jamboree of welcoming him, rather he opted for a domestic chats with his people. He called out his kinsmen and told them all he knew about the case that led him to the prison.

He clearly bared it all to them even when we knew that the case that led him to the prison does not or have not merited a common Police invitation but as an Igbo man and George Orwell Animal Farm Squealer like spokesperson, Olisa Metu was able to diffuse all the balloon lies coming from the APC’s Lia Mohammed that were capable of burying the PDP when Buhari took over from GEJ in 2015. And in order to silence him, he was framed to have collected money meant for Arms deal.

Apart from Chief Ben Nwabueze, Mbazulike Amaechi and a few elders, no Igbo politician has ever come speaking out about IPOB like chief Olisa Metu lately. Some who see reasons to speak on behalf of IPOB would rather empty the thought in their closets for fear of losing political patronage. Senator Orji-Kalu was equally campaigned to be released by IPOB. Even Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on many occasions on Radio Biafra London had harped on Orji-Kalu’s incarceration and threatened to go a whole hog with the federal government if Orji-Kalu was not released. Today, Orji-Kalu cares mostly about how to strengthen APC in Igbo land for his political gains and not about the future of Igbo land. He was alleged to have given parcels of land to the Fulani herdsmen in his Igbere home town, a decision that would plug NdịIgbo in calamity in future if not visited.

The digression to the talk about Orji-Kalu here is a pointer on how chief Olisa Metu’s morality outweighs that of him. While Orji-Kalu can mortgage his conscience for the next political position, Chief Metu wouldn’t do that!

Finally, this unnecessary standoff among Ohanaeze, Igbo political leaders and IPOB wouldn’t have been in existence if those in charge of Ala Igbo are sincere and have the prospect of Ndigbo at heart. No, they want to be in control about what goes on in Igbo land and any distracting thing on their way ought to be eliminated.

While Metu’s tasks on Igbo elders on IPOB are relevant and demanding, I add that the major issues highlighted by IPOB in the past should be revisited with a view to charting the way forward for NdịIgbo.

And that is the relevance of his message.

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