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Goodluck Buhari: Did Mbaka Really Hear From God Or Did He Speak From His Pocket?

It was at his adoration ground in Enugu, sometime in 2015, before the presidential elections, that Catholic priest, Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, labelled former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, as ” Badluck” , and called for Change.

That day, in his church, Mbaka campaigned for General Muhammadu Buhari.

That statement, along with media propagandaband other pressures from all over rhe country, led to the removal of Goodluck Jonathan, and the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Six years down the line, and Nigerians wonder whether Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, spoke by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or the guidance of his pocket.

Mbaka had in a video, lamented that he sought audience with Jonathan, but was not given the chance.

Many Nigerians, critical of the statement, argued that there were other ways he would have reached the former President, rather than campaign against him, for not granting him audience.

Mbaka would yet castigate Peter Obi in 2019, for not announcing the cash he was giving to the church, predicting his and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’ s failure, at the polls.

Senator Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, would get a favourable prophesy, when he announced the donation of some millions to the Adoration ground, and less than a month after, Ihedioha was sacked.

Interestingly, the change Mbaka called for, came in petroleum pump prices, skyrocketing from N97 to almost N200 today. It can in the form of the dollar jumping from N130 to N480. The end of Boko Haram, which was promised, has yet to come six years after, as new threats like Fulani herdsmen, Eastern Security Network ESN, Amotekun, Sunday Igboho, Sheik Gumi and EndSars and lots more, keep emerging to make Nigeria, one of the most dangerous places to live in.

These were a far cry, from the change Mbaka promised would come through ” Goodluck” Buhari, and have kept bothering Nigerians whether God really spoke to Mbaka, or maybe Mbaka didn’ t understand the ministration he got, and how to announce it.

Mbaka has seemingly remained dumb over the situation in the country, as he has received knocks, even from fellow Catholic priests, who wonder at the rationality of his ministrations. A musician even sang a song captioned ” Mbaka Why? “

Recall that Mbaka had joined the campaign against former Imo Governor, Ikedi Ohakim, when it was alleged that Ohakim flogged a priest. Mbaka even released an album to that effect. He would still later come to apologise to Ohakim, making people wonder is Mbaka gives prophesies as a man, or by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Many Nigerians have started frowning at ministers of God, getting involved in politics, as many times, they have given prophesie that either failed, ridiculing them and the church, or have caused unrest in the country.

As 2023 drawns nearer, followers of Mbaka, many of whom left him after his 2015 prophesy, wonder, who next will Mbaka tell them, would bring Goodluck to Nigeria.

Interestingly though, even the Goodluck Jonathan Mbaka castigated, is today been sought out by Buhari to help him in the running of the country.

There are even talks of a likely return of Jonathan after Buhari leaves the scene in 2023.By Obinna Akuwudike

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