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Harritex dismisses alleged plot to sack Imo Deputy Governor

…tags it as the handwork of desperate enemies of the people of Imo State

Reacting to a story, over a purported plot against Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prof. Placid Njoku, popular businessman and politician, Chief Henry Njoku Harritex, has cleared the air over allegations against his name by proponents of the phantom plot to remove the Deputy Governor.

Speaking to MaaziTV in a telephone conversation, Chief Harritex expressed his displeasure, at being dragged into such reportage, stating categorically, he had never fathomed any such inclinations to take over the job of the Deputy Governor.

“I don’t understand where the story is coming from,” Harritex stated. “I enjoy a very good relationship with both the governor of Imo State, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma and the deputy governor, His Excellency Prof Placid Njoku, and I was very shocked to read about a supposed plot against the Deputy Governor, and even more shocked to see my name mentioned in such a plot.

“When I joined the All Progressives Congress APC, I promised to add value to the party, and that has been all I have done ever since.

“The supposed meeting wasn’t even a partisan affair, a meeting that had the likes of Chief Ambrose Ejiogu in attendance, isn’t an APC meeting, but an Owerri zone stakeholders meeting, centred on recovering what we lost in the past administration, Owerri zone being the highest victim of the looting of land and property.

“This story is the handwork of those who are opposed to our support for Gov. Hope Uzodinma’s mission towards the recovery of those looted property.

“On what basis are they claiming that I am taking the deputy governor’s job? It’s very laughable that they will come up with such unfounded blackmail just to smear my image.

“I had not wanted to react to the publication as it was baseless, and had no substance whatsoever, but this is just to set the records straight that I have no ambition to become the deputy governor of Imo State.

“I’m a very comfortable man, with my only interest politically, being the growth and development of the state, so I don’t know what I’ll gain from such plots just for political positions.

“This is clearly the handwork of people who do not agree with our support for Gov. Hope Uzodinma’s recovery of looted Imo property, an elaborate plot to distract the people of Imo State, from the matter at hand and sponsored by the enemies of the people of Imo State.

“Their plans however has failed, as the Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma, and the Deputy Governor Prof Placid Njoku, cannot be swayed or distracted by such baseless accusations and stories.

“I’ll always urge the media to call every party involved in any story, to hear from everybody before believing what one side has to say. Dissident elements always try to use the media as a tool to discredit others, and cover up their evil plans against the people.

“Those sponsoring this story, may be beneficiaries of the looting of the state, especially Owerri zone, and seeing Harritex as the centre of their problem, started coming up with unrealistic stories just to distract the people of Imo people. This exposes the level of their desperation, when they now sponsor unrealistic stories against supporters of the recovery drive of the Hope Uzodinma government.

“Let me tell you, Imo people are fully in support of Gov Hope Uzodinma’s recovery mission, and cannot be distracted by stories peddled against me by desperate politicians, who are afraid of losing their ill-gotten possessions.

“This is still very funny, from where is anybody going to remove Prof. Placid Njoku as our Deputy Governor? It’s very laughable to say the least.”

Chief Henry Njoku Harritex, has remained a strong figure in Imo politics, cutting across political platforms, and has maintained his burning desire for the growth and development of Imo State, a stance that has kept him away from oppressive administrations in the state, and for which he has always aligned with administrations, and movements aimed at restoring the glory of Imo State, and bettering the lives of the people.

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