Nwajiuba Vows to Impose Candidate as FUTO VC, Samuelson Alleges


The Last Has Not Been Heard From The Federal University Of Technology, Owerri, FUTO, Over The Choice Of A New Vice Chancellor.

Recall That On The 5th Of December 2020, This Writer Made An Expose On The Perceived Crisis Rocking The Federal University On The Choice Of A New Vice Chancellor And The Clandestine Interest Of The Minister Of State For Education, Hon Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, To Impose His Candidate, Professor Christopher Chidozie Eze, As The Anointed Would Be Vice Chancellor, Even Though He Is Reportedly Not Qualified For The Position, As Far As The Criteria In Choosing A New Vice Chancellor By The Governing Council Was Concerned.

Embarrassed By The Exposure, The Governing Council Of The University Came Out Openly To Make Clarifications And Further Insisted In Sticking On The Established Criteria For Choosing A Vice Chancellor. Consequently, 29 Aspirants Applied And Submitted Their Credentials To The Governing Council Of The University, Including Honourable Emeka Nwajiuba’s Candidate, Professor C C Eze.

However, Only 7 Were Shortlisted, Excluding Professor C C Eze. Then, Hell Was Reportedly Let Loose From The Camp Of Minister Of State For Education, Emeka Nwajiuba. Professor CC Eze Was Allegedly Directed To Initiate A Court Action Against The Governing Council, For Not Shortlisting His Name. He Actually Reportedly Made Moves To Scuttle The Exercise , But He Was Checkmated And Called To Order.

The Governing Council Is Expected To Conduct Interview With The Reported Shortlisted 7 Candidates In April 2021 , Before Their Tenure Ends In May 2021. But In What Appears As A Clandestine Move To Scuttle This Process, Honourable Emeka Nwajiuba Has Reportedly Summoned The Pro-chancellor Of The University And Chairman Of The Governing Council, Professor John Ofem, To See Him This Week, In A Bid To Influence Him, And Perhaps, Scuttle The Exercise, Since His Candidate, Professor C C Eze Was Not Shortlisted….. The Game Plan Is To Frustrate The Council Till Their Tenure Elapses In May 2021, So That A New Governing Council, Which Will Lower The Standard Or Criteria For Choosing A New Vice Chancellor Would Be Inaugurated. This Is To Make The Way For Professor CC Ezekiel To Eventually Emerge As A Puppet Vice Chancellor..

At This Point, Let Me Point It Out That The Minister Of State For Education Has No Moral, Executive And Indeed Even Clandestine Power To Summon Or Invite The Pro-chancellor For Anything, “Talkless” Of An Issue He Has Personal Interest. The Minister Of State Is Clearly Undermining The Authority And Influence Of The Substantive Minister Of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu..

Nevertheless, Emeka Nwajiuba Should Be Told And Cautioned To Stop Dropping The Name Of Mr President, In A Bid To Have His Way, And Allow The System To Choose The Best Candidate And Indeed, Allow Him To Emerge..

Emeka Nwajiuba Cannot Be Allowed To Continue To Impose His Candidates As Vice Chancellors Across The South East, All Because Of His Insatiable Desire To Control TETFUND Contracts And His Rumoured Ambition To Emerge Governor In 2023/24 In Imo State.

After Imposing His Elder Brother, Professor Chinedum Nwajiuba, As The Vice Chancellor Of Dr Alex Ekwueme Federal University, In Alaike In Ebonyi State, Emeka Nwajiuba Also Imposed A Successor, Professor Elom, To Take Over From His Brother. He Is Perfecting Plans To Have Stranglehold On All Federal Universities In The Southeast, To Serve His Economic And Political Purposes. But, He Won’t Be Allowed To Succeed In The Case Of FUTO.

I Rest My Pen.

Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Fcai, Mkda ( Ekenwohia Ndigbo)


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