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Is Chike Okafor Biting The Fingers That Fed Him?

Mr. Chike Okafor, a former banker, cum political pastor, who was the former Commissioner for Finance under former Imo governor, Rochas Okorocha, and now representing the people of Okigwe South, in the National Assembly, have come under fire lately, from members of his former political family, the Okorocha backed Rescue Mission Political Family.

The factional chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC, Mr. Daniel Nwafor, was the first to tear into Chike Okafor, labelling him a betrayer, who betrayed Okorocha, and sold the party out to the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, during the Okigwe Senate By- election.

Other members of the Rochas Okorocha backed political family will take on the political pastor, after he berated Nwafor, stating that Nwafor was too low for him to exchange words with, and wasn’ t worth a proper response from him, Chike Okafor.

Political observers begin to wonder, whether there was truth in the accusations levelled against Chike Okafor.

Okafor was brought into active politics through Uche Nwosu, who presented him to Okorocha, after Okafor allegedly betrayed the outgoing Ikedi Ohakim administration.

He was made the Finance Commissioner, at the recommendation of Uche Nwosu, and it was an office that made billions for Chike Okafor, providing him a massive war chest, with which he won the 2015 Okigwe South Federal House of Representatives seat.

Okorocha was still instrumental to his 2019 victory, as he urged the late Emenike to back down and allow Chike Okafor get the party ticket.

Chike Okafor was still unsuccessfully in getting the people’ s mandate, as Emeka Nwajiuba would clinch the mandate through little known Accord Party, but would relinquish it to Chike Okafor, when he got his ministerial position. His move, probably place Chike Okafor in his debt, and probably one of the reasons, Chike is dancing the Uzodinma tones.

However there is belief, that Chike Okafor’ s resentment for Okorocha his political benefactor, started when Okorocha presented him to President Muhammadu Buhari as his successor, only to dump him for Uche Nwosu.

Many believe that Chike is still nursing that grievance against Okorocha, for denying him the governorship seat. Analysts believe, that is Okorocha had presented Okafor, it would have been an easy victory for him, instead of the ill fated Uche Nwosu attempt.

They also believe, that Okafor, would have shielded Okorocha from probes that he is going through today, as it’ s believed, that one of the reasons he joined Uzodinma against Okorocha, was to save himself from probes into Okorocha’ s financial activities, where he as commissioner for Finance, played active role in.

Okafor is yet to formally respond to the barrage of attacks against him, from his former members of the Rescue Mission Political Family.

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