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Leave Mbaka alone, Youth Group blasts Garba Shehu

Garba Shehu’s Anti-Christian Agenda And His Many Lies Against Mbaka


Truth is always bitter, and it undoubtedly takes a man of courage to always speak truth to power, no matter whose Ox is gored.

Rev. Fr. Ejikeme Mbaka the spiritual director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), is that revered and richly anointed man of God, who the entire Nigerian citizens regardless of religious beliefs are passionately looking up to, for the raw and bitter truth on the drowning conditions of the country, under the current APC leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Fr. Mbaka who is fearless and always speak when the Holy spirit puts words in his mouth, can never be suppressed or cajoled by the likes of Garba Shehu into hiding the truth which Almighty God has ordered him to speak for the Liberation of his people. Garba Shehu of a person as an INGRATE he is, shouldn’t divert the attention of the Nigerian populace over the sensitive issues fr. Mbaka raised, Issues like INSECURITY, UNEMPLOYMENT, POVERTY & HUNGER in the land, addressed them rather down pursue shadows. 

Nigeria today, is bleeding and swiftly drowning as a result of the complacent and gross reluctant approach of the presidency towards security, and when a man of goodwill speaks by calling out the president to sit up to his primary constitutional obligation to the citizenry, Mr. Garba Shehu in his anti- Christian and ingratitutious induced mindset, saw it as an ample opportunity to blackmail and malign the messenger leaving the message unaddressed.

Mr. Shehu, must really be the number one enemy of Nigeria, for believing that Fr. Mbaka should keep mute, amiss today’s intense security challenges across the country, because he supported President Buhari two times ascendancy to power.
What a childish and ridiculous presumptions? 

The likes of Mr. Garba Shehu, is hereby warned by this release, to leave Fr. Mbaka alone who is a true prophet of God, who has continued to speak for the poor masses, especially the UNEMPLOYED YOUTHS & THE NEEDY in our midst. Any more on this, we in the Nigerian Youth Forum will expose Mr. Garba Shehu and all his atrocities in the ASO VILLA. Let Fr. Mbaka be, he is a true man of God and we love him. 

Com. Taiye Adewole
President, Nigerian Youth Forum

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