August 1, 2021


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Ihedioha On A Date with Destiny despite denials

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By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

The January 2020 controversial ruling of the Supreme Court, would not be the first time, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, was denied the mandate Imo people gave to him.

Observers of the 2015 General Elections in Imo State, know who really won the election, despite who was announced by INEC.

Okorocha, knowing how he came onboard, would boldly tell Imo people, that he made himself governor, not the people.

Indeed he made himself governor, and for that, he ran Imo State with reckless abandon, for the remaining four years of his tenure.

A mere clerical error, allegedly denied Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, the right to fight for the mandate Imo people gave him in 2015.

Was it sabotage, or was it truly clerical error, we may never know.

In 2019, the people of Imo State yet again, handed their mandate to Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha. It was one of the best elections in the history of the state, with minimal violence, as Imo people were determined to stop Okorocha’s succession plans, and hand power over to Ihedioha.

The country’s Electoral body, would announce the people’s choice, and Imo State erupted in celebration.

But the people rested too fast because we thought we had won the battle, forgetting that like it was written in the Bible, the enemy does not rest.

Maybe, if Imo people had protested against Rev Father Ejike Mbaka’s “prophesy”, which Rochas Okorocha’s aide, would later dismiss as a game plan to test the reaction of the people, the Supreme Court might not have handed down that ruling.

Gloom fell in Imo State, when that ruling was handed down. People wept openly. To protect themselves from the wrath of the people, armed policemen and soldiers, were deployed to the state.

One begins to wonder, if truly the people voted Uzodinma, did he need armed policemen and soldiers to stop the people from “welcoming” him?

Uzodinma sneaked into the state at night, and for the first time in Imo history, took the oath of office in darkness, without the blessings of the people.

Despite the denials, Ihedioha’s story is far from over, as the love the people have for him, keep growing by the day.

Recent incidents in the state, and the way and manner Uzodinma handled them, have further driven him away from a people who never accepted him from day one, whereas, Ihedioha, despite not sitting in Douglas House, is viewed by the people, everywhere he goes, as their authentic governor, and accorded all respects.

The Philip Umeadi suit was supposed to correct the wrong dome by the Supreme Court, but whether it comes now, or not, Ihedioha has a date with Imo people, to lead them as their govenror, and even though it may be delayed, it a destiny that will not be denied.

President Muhammadu Buhari may not have turned out to be Nigeria’s best, but he had a date with destiny, and the third attempt was the charm.

Ihedioha’s third attempt come 2023, if the Supreme Court doesn’t act sooner on Umeadi’s suit, would be the charm for Ihedioha, if he is still interested in occupying the Governorship seat of Imo State.

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