Rt. Hon. Amarachi Chyna Iwuanyanwu: Celebrating More Than Just a Born Day!

Samara – that’s what the senior Chyna Iwuanyanwu, now of the blessed memories – his late father, do call him; a pet name signifying of the fondness of his father and for those of us who are privileged to have access to the young pragmatic politician may have observed that till this very moment, he still has the picture of his late father as profile picture on his personal whatsapp number – little funny details you may say but for critical minds, such minute details are taken into accounts.

Senior Chyna Iwuanyanwu was an accomplished media professional in the yore days of Radio Nigeria as a journalist and later the champions newspaper who transited smoothly into politics rising to become one of the most influential politicians from the Igbo extraction. Aside politics, he was a philanthropist of note and a community leader whom the plights of his people were his primary concerns.

Sir Chyna Iwuanyanwu exited the stage in 2018 in God’s glory leaving the people behind with what could be considered his greatest human capital legacy – his son, a worthy son redefining leadership, philanthropy, humanism and what have you.

Born in Owerri in the 80s, Rt. Hon. Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu KSC is a graduate of banking and finance from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsuka with a solid foundational blind of equally prestigious Kings College of Lagos Nigeria.

He has since grown to be a corporate professional, serial entrepreneur majoring in real estate and astute business man of repute and his latest sojourn in the political scene has brought a breath of fresh air of performance and people oriented focused driven leadership.

Rt. Hon. Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu is not just a politician but what I may call a political humanist who brings a touch of philanthropy to politics which earned him the accolade name by friends and admirers as Mr. Capacity.

Mr. Capacity has been proven not to be just an alias or a mere guy name but a manifestation of capacity in every sense of it.

Living up to the name and legacies bequeathed to him, Rt. Hon. Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu upon resumption of office as the Deputy Speaker of the 9th state house of Assembly appointed a whooping number of 104 persons from the 11 Political wards of Nwangele LGA as his Special Assistants – a record setting feat never done before in history of the state assembly.

Those 104 constituents were presented with appointment letters in his office at the chambers while a functional constituency office was opened at Umuorlu Isu of the LGA.

When asked how he was going to sustain these whooping gestures laced with human kindness, the people oriented first class lawmaker in an emotion ridden voice answered that “As a honourable member , I receive monthly allowance , so, it is in line with this new culture of shared prosperity that I pay my special assistants from my own monthly allowance. And I am committed to sustaining it.” it was an emotional outting for many to see a politician so committed to the economic liberation of his people, but such in reality is Mr. Capacity. He builds human capacity, he supervises the enthronement of human economic capacity development.

Bringing fresh ideas and a breath of fresh air to politics, the people driven young politician equally created an office of the student affairs in his office; this creation sees to the catering of students from his constituency directly from his office. The office sees to their scholarships bursary and other educational benefits which his office doles out to his constituents from time to time.

As a servant leader who feels the pulse of his people, the Deputy Speaker were all through the thick and thine with his people when the upsurge of the deadly Corona virus ravaged the whole country which prompted a lockdown forced on a people without any provision for such economic draining outting and as such people were literally down, not by the scourge but by the hardbiting economic realities.

These unfortunate realities prompted the #PeoplesLawmaker to intervene for his people as he doled out many millions of naira in cash donations to constituents and non constituents as well as food palliatives that were more than enough which alleviated the then suffering of the people were freely shared.

Aside the stomach infrastructure provisions, Mr. Capacity has also lived up to the billing as a state lawmaker as he has sponsored many people oriented bills and motions on the floor of the house.

Seeing to the strenuous and demanding works as a state law maker did not take away his concentration on the other needs of his people in providing physical infrastructure, this necessitated to the construction of 11 solar powered boreholes constructed in each of the 11 electoral wards of the LGA.

Provisions of shelters to the less privileged were also not left out as he recently commissioned a new 3 bedroom flat built for a power widow with many others currently ongoing…… All in less than one year in office.

He is always in touch with the base at the grassroots – this was made manifest as he promptly intervened in a recent road ghastly accident which left some dead and many injured at Nkwo mmeri in Abba, he saw to the offsetting of the medical bills of the survivors when he visited at their hospital beds.

Mr. Capacity is never out of touch with the responsibility bestowed on him by his constituents as he has been living, and even surpassing expectations as he has continued to break limits and setting new records and creating new milestones.

A political whiskid, you may call him as his eyes are always fixated on the balls with respect to the state politics vis a viz the political state assembly as he had remained relevant in the scheme of things, right from the days of the sacked administration till the present as he enjoys enormous goodwill in and out of sessions.

Mr. Capacity; Young and Articulated, focused, vibrant emerging political leaders to look out for as he is going to stay here for alot more time to come.

Happy birthday to you, our Capacity Leader.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
July 06, 2021.

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