August 1, 2021


A Voice from the East

Sunday Igboho: Buhari Treating The South In A Language They Understand

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When General Muhammadu Buhari made the controversial statement, about treating some people in the language the understood (force), everybody believed it was just the Igbos who would bear the brunt of his threat.

The attack on the residence of Oduduwa Republic agitator Sunday Igboho, should have opened the eyes of the Yorubas, that they are in the same boat with the East.

The same treatment Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB got, seems to be the same playbook used in a bid to crush the Yoruba nation agitation.

Nnamdi Kanu came back to Nigeria and was arrested. Upon his release, he was allowed to parade himself from state to state, preaching his gospel to his followers, until the government felt they had had enough.

The raid on his home was to create a reason to brand him a fugitive, knowing he would run for his life and thus, jump bail.

Today the South East and South South, has been under military occupation, while Kanu had been held in unfavourable conditions, awaiting trial to crimes both real or fabricated against him.

That was exactly the Buhari administration dealing with him and the entire South East and South South, in a language he felt they would understand; the language of force.

The militarization of the South West may be the next step, to keep any form of agitation in check, while Igboho may likely be forced to bend to their will, or probably join Nnamdi Kanu in detention.

Buhari’ s actions have revealed that he has no interest in negotiating with the South, whose leaders are agitating for power shift from the North.

With these core agitators out of the way, and the governors despite their rhetoric, too weak to matter, the entire South may yet fail to produce the next president, as the North may hold on to power, believing that they risked losing Nigeria, if a Southerner got into power.

For General Muhammadu Buhari, the best language to deal with the South is force, and the South West have just started tasting their share of it.

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