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On Friday, September 17, 2021, the children of darkness and cyber terrorists, the bitter and lying Peoples Democratic Party came up once more with malicious and misleading information, that Governor Hope Uzodimma is yet to work on roads in the State. The party, true to its nature, also gave the false impression that roads are bad and the Governor is doing nothing about them. These claims are false and the PDP should not be taken seriously.

By its character the Uzodimma administration is not known for making false claims. The Government does not pretend to have worked all the roads. With meager resources, the Government is juggling its projects, taking them one at a time. But the PDP, filled with hate for the Governor, does not see anything good about Imo State. The PDP is the father of the lie and there is no truth in them.

The PDP was in the habit of sponsoring all kinds of protests and comedies on bad roads in the State. They started this few weeks into the Uzodimma administration. First, it was the Naze/Federal Polytechnic/Ihiagwa/Obinze Road, where they sponsored the late comedienne, Ada Jesus, to stage a comic show, wearing a white dress and dramatically falling from a motorcycle. The next was using some PDP students to stage a protest on the road. The next drama happened on the Orogwe/Ohii Road, where two PDP youths staged a comedy as a couple on a honeymoon. All this were done to embarrass the Uzodimma administration. But they failed.

While the PDP embarked on a campaign of calumny they forgot that the Uzodimma administration was only a few weeks old at the time. Blinded by hate, they did not also remember that the bad roads had been there while the PDP administration led by Emeka Ihedioha pursued shadows. The Ihedioha administration was notorious for vain glorious flag-offs, summits, seminars – all kinds of talk shows – including the unproductive Ahiajoku Lecture that gulped billions of Naira; travelling abroad for birthday celebrations and full spa sessions. Yet no single road was done during the close to eight months of that illegal administration. The situation was so bad that the people appropriately dubbed that administration a Committee Government.

To God be the glory. Governor Hope Uzodimma has fixed the first phase of the Naze/Nekede/Ihiagwa/Obinze Road measuring about 7km while the second phase will be completed by December. Similarly, work has already started on the Orogwe/Ohii Road, but the contractor stopped work due to the rainy season that made it difficult to continue. They will for sure return to work once dry season sets in. In all, the Governor has done over 46 roads already across the State, including the Assumpta/Port Harcourt Road which was abandoned by the Ihedioha administration, Muhammadu Buhari Road, World Bank Road, the ongoing reconstruction of Yar’Adua Drive, the ongoing Owerri/Orlu Road, the ongoing Owerri-Okigwe Road, Chukwuma Nwaoha Road, Dick-Tiger Road, MCC Road, Ihechuwa Raod, Relief Market Road, etcetera.

The Governor is also addressing the perennial flood disaster in the State with the novel Balloon Technology. The ongoing urban renewal programmme of the Governor, part of which is the Junction Improvement Work, are eloquent testimonies of a working Governor. These and more works done by the Governor with scarce resources are not seen by the PDP, because they have eyes but cannot see.

The Governor, by what he has said repeatedly, is aware that there are still roads to attend to. Not only roads, there are several infrastructural projects to attend to. But they can only be done one after the other. Imo people understand this much and cannot allow the PDP come between them and their Government.

We are compelled to make this clarification for the sake of those who are not in Imo to witness the ongoing infrastructure overhaul for themselves.

This hate campaign by the PDP is fueled by the Messianic complex of one man: Emeka Ihedioha. Emeka daydreams of returning on the back of a castrated bull to “rebuild” a ruined state. This bull, the PDP, has been repurposed to be anti-people, anti-democratic, anti-progress, and anti-Hope. Unfortunately, the Imo PDP, (presumably led by persons of Imo origins) appears ready to ruin its own land over one man’s ambition.

If the PDP is genuinely concerned, it should do some soul searching. Why should the interest of one man loom larger than the party’s? Why should one man hold the party by the testicles? The PDP’s first duty is to extricate itself from the grip of Emeka Ihedioha. In fact, Ihedioha should take his jackboot off the PDP’s neck so that the party can breathe.

Of course the PDP can choose to remain Emeka’s bull, but as concerned Imo youths, we will keep on restraining it from our beautiful china shop and our most cherished farms. Imo State is bigger than Emeka and if he is patriotic by one inch he would have known that Imo State cannot go down because of his selfish interests. Never!

We urge Imo people world over to shine their eyes, as it were, and reject the antics of the PDP. It has transformed into an anachronistic cyber terrorist organisation. The masses no longer patronise it.


Collins Ughalaa KSC
September 18, 2021.

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