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In the past, Imo had been perceived by the lots seeking leadership, as a cash cow to fill up their leaking purse by milking dry the Imo commonwealth. This is so because the state is blessed with natural resources, human capital and all summed up to our wealth.

Little wonder why we experienced the “familiocracy” that converted all State funds and properties into private properties. Succeeding this, we also witnessed the refurbishing of personal house and expansion of country home estate immediately after being sworn in from the illegal declaration as State Governor.

But, in Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, we have a leader who came for the purpose of growing the state for our collective betterment. This he deposed when he clearly stated that “I may not be the richest man in Imo State, but I have not come to take your money, I have not come to take your lands, but I have come to create an atmosphere that would make the world see the heritage in Imo State”.

Since resumption of duty, the concern and focus of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma has been on improving the livelihood of Imolites; from policies to reforms and programs to projects; all are people-oriented. We can only but seek more support as the 3R Government performs the magic.

Courtesy Hope Uzodinma New Media

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