Okorocha: What Ihedioha faced, is what Uzodinma is facing

I deliberately stayed away from writing politically for a while.

Sometimes, it’s good to pause, take a step back and observe.

I have been observing.

I criticised the Owelle Rochas Okorocha administration for almost seven of the eight years of it’s unfortunate lifespan.

I didn’t attack him because he was APGA or APC. I’ve always made it clear, that a political party is merely a vehicle, and cannot turn a tyrant into a saint.

I criticised Okorocha over issues that affected the people of Imo State directly, as well as his policies. Without argument, Okorocha is the worst in Imo State’s history.

When Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha came onboard, I gave him a few months to settle down before I started knocking him on issues I wasn’t comfortable with.

Coming into what Okorocha left as Imo State was no easy task for anybody.

I had my reservations over the emergence of Senator Hope Uzodinma, and despite a brief gloating period against the Ihedioha administration, I aired my views.

Then I took a step back to watch, and so far, looking at where we are coming from, and what I have seen so far, political sentiments aside, Govenror Hope Uzodinma may not be the best Imo will ever have, but after Chief Sam Mbakwe, he is our best so far.

I watched a video the other day, and realised just how poor our memories are.

That video reminded me what Chukwuma Nwoha road used to look like after Rochas Okorocha left office. That video reminded me that there was no road at Dick Tiger, after Rochas Okorocha left office.

As a sufferer of flooding, caused by Okorocha’s crazy construction misadventure, it is something to commend Senator Hope Uzodinma for the balloon tunnel, which has since handled that flooding in my area.

I have a civil servant, who claimed he received more in his salary under Okorocha than under Ihedioha. I raised that issue back then, showing his screenshots and I was attacked for asking a question. I was even threatened for daring to question the Ihedioha government. It was only Okpor Dominic who assured me he would verify. The reaction I got for just asking a question, is the reason I have refused to join PDP apologists when they cry out over “harassment”. All na the same. Just give a man power and see their true selves and I saw quite a lot.

Interestingly, the same civil servant is now telling me that he is receiving more under Uzodinma than Okorocha or Ihedioha.

I asked if he was promoted and he answered in the negative.

And yet, we say Uzodinma isn’t working.

Of course he is not working because MCC road is bad, but we’ve yet to commend him for Chukwuma Nwoha and a host of other roads he has so far addressed within two years in office.

Uzodinma is definitely not working because Ohi road is bad but my friend went home to Atta yesterday despite the rain on a better road than what he was used to under Okorocha.

When Uzodinma demolished the roundabouts that were Okorocha’s only other achievements aside from his statues, we shouted “Uzodinma wants to kill us.” Today we are enjoying an easier traffic flow (if only nde Keke will start obeying the traffic lights).

In case you have forgotten, Rochas Okorocha left Imo State in the brink of collapse before he left office. Imo practically had no single motorable road when Okorocha left office. Imo was burdened with over ₦200billion in just domestic debts, while he has failed to account for the ₦26billion bailout funds and even the hundreds of millions he received as Paris Club refunds.

How is Hope Uzodinma going to reconstruct Imo State in such a short time? I’m surprised reading some posts, where we suddenly forgot that we have made excuses for the Ihedioha administration, when it seemed he was being slow to work. What Ihedioha faced, is what Uzodinma is facing.

Both men met an Imo State in the brinks of collapse. They met a heavily indebted Imo State. They met an Imo State whose allocation has hundreds of millions, deducted from source, to settle loans and judgment debts Okorocha in his lawlessness and extravagant mismanagement of public funds, left us in. They were, and are starved of resources to work.

But Govenror Hope Uzodinma have been working with the little available to him, and you cannot expect a miracle in such a short time, despite obviously sponsored attempts at sabotaging his administration.

Sponsored sabotage.

Imo was engulfed in Insecurity recently. IPOB and ESN were accused for that. Yes, they have their own issues and share to the Insecurity, but I am of the same view with Govenror Hope Uzodinma, when he pointedly stated that Insecurity and unknown gunmen started just after he started implementing the reports from probes against the former administration in the state.

That speaks so much volumes and makes a lot of sense. If I stole ₦2trillion in office, and I am risking going to jail due to probes by my predecessor, I think I can afford to spend ₦5billion to hire criminals to make sure chaos reigns in the state, to ensure whoever wants to probe me will be too distracted chasing after “little criminals” than going after the real criminal.

Uzodinma started very well before insecurity hit the state, and my dear, as painful as our loses, even Okorocha who is claiming sainthood today, indirectly killed little Somtochukwu, when he invited police, army and thugs to demolish just Eke Ukwu. He would have invited the entire Nigerian military, if he was faced with the same situation as Uzodinma.

After what happened to Jasper, I think we can see the extent people can go to avoid probes.

But then we keep wondering who sponsored the Insecurity. I pray the relevant authorities furnish us with answers to that soon.

Aregbesola promised us that their names Will shock us. Aregbesola, we are waiting.

My private political views are mine but if we look at things without our political coloration, but as Imolites, we know where and who to apportion blames. We will also know when to criticize the government and when to applaud the government.

Don’t expect me to jump on the bandwagon with you because you are this or that, neither must I share your political views because you’re on an opposing fence. You’ll still sing a new verse once you find yourself on the other line. So why don’t we start saying those truths now, and knock when we really need to knock.

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