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Ohakim reacts as AGF move to take over case

Press Release: 28th Sept. 2021

Subject: AGF taking over case of Dr Ikedi Ohakim is erroneous

From: Aloy Ejimakor, Esq
Of Counsel to Ohakim

This press release pertains to a ruling yesterday by a Federal High Court in Abuja granting leave to the Attorney-General of the Federation to take over prosecution Dr Ikedi Ohakim over a matter relating to nude videos of one Chinyere Amuchinwa.

Having considered the ramifications of this ruling, we now wish to inform the public that while we continue to abide in respects for decisions of Courts, this very ruling will be promptly challenged in all appropriate fora, because it bears no relevance to the material particulars of the dispute. At worst, the ruling created false impressions that, in the course of time, will be fully dealt with.

For avoidance of doubt, the said Chinyere Amuchinwa is already a defendant before an FCT High on the same set of facts that the Federal High Court  made the instant ruling against Dr Ohakim. It is also pertinent to note that these Charges were already discontinued by the Complainants (Nigeria Police) before someone suddenly materialized from the office of the Attorney-General, insisting on taking over the case.

In particular, Ms Amuchinwa is facing trial because police forensic evidence revealed that she was the one that produced the nude video she had accused Dr Ohakim of photoshopping. So, one wonders why a Court should rule that Dr Ohakim will stand trial on a matter upon which forensic evidence had exonerated him.

Further, the ruling today seemingly ignored the long and twisted history of the case. First of all, part of the reason the Nigerian Police Force had discontinued the related Charge against Dr Ohakim was when they became aware that the Charges were brought in flagrant disobedience of an extant order of a competent court.

In the light of the above, we are convinced that the ruling today was made per incuriam (in manifest error) and thus will not survive the avalanche of the legal challenges that will be brought to bear, sooner than later.

Thank you.


Aloy Ejimakor, Esq.
Counsel to Dr Ikedi Ohakim.

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