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Ndigbo Are Not In Enmity With The Fulanis/Hausas

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It is unfortunate that some scammers and criminals parading as Biafran agitators have consistently aimed to pass the impression that the average Igbo man hates the Fulani or that there is a kind of cold war going on between the Fulanis and Ndigbo. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

If there is anyone the Fulani can count on as among their most reliable allies, it is the Igbo. Igbos have continued to enjoy wonderful business and political relationship with the Fulanis over the years and there is no level of blackmail by enemies of progress that should injure this mutually beneficial relationship.

Those who are killing innocent Fulanis/Hausas in the Southeast are not doing this on behalf of Ndigbo. In fact, these criminals are the greatest enemies of Ndigbo, and it does not matter that they are Igbos and claim to be fighting for the restoration of Biafra.

It is important to reiterate that Ndigbo have not sent anyone to fight for them by killing innocent Fulanis and Hausas legally doing their businesses in Igbo land. Those who are behind these atrocities are criminals, terrorists and rejects of Igbo land. They do not spare us. We must note that these criminals have killed 100 times more Igbos in Igbo land and have destroyed billions of dollars worth of businesses and assets within this period of their madness.

Ndigbo do not support them. We seek the support of the Federal Government to eradicate everyone of them from our lands. Anyone of them caught should not be shown any mercy, but should be visited with as much wickedness as they have visited on our people and other residents.

Ndigbo’s singular most important struggle at this time is to convince our fellow Nigerians to elect an Igbo of the Southeast as the next President of Nigeria. Those behind these acts of terrorism in the Southeast are deliberately sabotaging this legitimate struggle.

We respect the Fulanis as much as we respect the Hausas, the Yorubas, the Ijaws, the Idomas and indeed, everyone and tribe in this great union called Nigeria. We do not hate the Fulanis. We recognize that there are evil people in every tribe as well as good people. Therefore, we love all good people anywhere and pray that evil people in every tribe, including ours, turn a new leaf, for the progress and peace of our nation.


Onwuasoanya FCC Jones is the Acting Youth Leader, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide.

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