Prince Alex Mbata (PAM) And IMSU White Paper: Setting The Records Straight


Prince Alex Mbata (PAM) And IMSU White Paper: Setting The Records Straight

*Detractors On A ‘Hocus Pocus’ To Decieve The Public, Taint PAM’s Image Ahead Of 2023 General Elections.

Our attention has been drawn to an orchestrated plot by some desperate politicians, on a hocus pocus, targeted at dragging to the mud, the good name of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Imo East Senatorial candidate, Prince Alex Mbata (PAM)

Part of the plot, is a relentless determination by a faceless group, acting on the instructions and promptings of some desperate politicians using a particular media House, The Watchdog Newspaper, to accuse Prince Alex Mbata of being indicted by a White Paper on Imo State University, IMSU.

Before now, we had alerted the public, through a statement signed by the Director General of PAMDM, Rt Hon Godfrey Dikeocha of plans by these set of politicians to plant falsehood in the media against Prince Mbata (PAM)

We had ignored the ramblings and falsehood peddled by this group for long in the media, because it remains what it is, cheap blackmail, baseless allegations, which not only lacks foundation, but part of a wider plot by the opposition, with some willing tools in our party, including a particular aspirant who lost the just concluded APC Imo East Senatorial Primary, to portray Prince Mbata, our great party, in bad light before the good people of Owerrri zone ahead of the 2023 general elections.

However for the general public not to be deceived by these lies, it is important the facts are laid bare and the TRUTH told on Prince Alex Mbata’s role as Pro Chancellor of Imo State University.

1.Prince Alex Mbata (PAM) was NEVER indicted by White Paper Report on IMSU, when he was pro Chancellor of the University, as wrongly and falsely projected by the group.

Prince Mbata was never a member, staff or an authority of TETFUND, which carried out the projects, thus was not in a position to influence any contract or projects, at IMSU, when he was the Pro Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Board of the University..

  1. The IMSU Visitation Panel never confronted Prince Alex Mbata with any petitions, allegations or questions when he was invited in March 2020, to give account of his stewardship when he was pro Chancellor of the university.

5.The IMSU White paper is a public document and the general public and the media, are advised to study the report and not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by those orchestrating propaganda against him

6.Prince Mbata never lied on oath or committed perjury, when he filled in his Expression of Interest and Nomination Form of the APC, because he was NEVER indicted by the White Paper report on IMSU.

He simply stated the truth in his FORMS, because he was NEVER indicted by the White Paper.

7.The decision of Prince Mbata to go to a court of competent jurisdiction to challenge the Whitepaper Report, is on the grounds that he wants his name expunged from the so called white paper.

  1. Prince Mbata has at all times, conducted himself with decency and decorum.

He has never and will not compromise his intergrity and credibility for filthly lucre.

  1. There are testiomones of his transparency and diligence, twin factors which has enabled him to remain a succesfull businessman, with chains of verifiable businesses, which has earned him several awards and recognition at home and abroad.
  2. He has remained a pillar of support to his dear Imo State, contributing enormously to the development of the State, via construction of roads with his personal funds, aiding the needy and the vulnerable in the society.

Enough is Enough.

Innocent Onyeukwu

Media Adviser, PAM

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