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When God Decides To Bless Ikeduru With Capacity Chairman

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The Reverend Title And The Man Dr. CNN Nwanebu

Taking “Reverend” title within the context of Apostolic Faith is an honor among Christians, which enjoys great respect.

It is the highest Charismatic honor the church affords and is a sign of initiation into Sacrament of Sanctuary Wealth and Prosperity.

To attained the rank of Very Reverend is the highest and most important Spirit-Religious and Canonic journey level in the Noum society of Eucharistic Leadership and Ordination into Clergy Society marks the person as Christian nobility. So is Very Rev Dr. CNN Nwanebu

To become Reverend implies that the title holder is now a trained attested and tested proven Honest, Steadfast, Service and Dependable leader of the BODY OF CHRIST

By this sacramental mandate Very Rev. CNN Nwanebu Ph.D becomes the moral conscience of the church and community, is seen to be a fair/rational adjudicator in cases of leadership within the church and community.

At this times of leadership hunger, people’s quest for development, service delivery, infrastructural revolutions, Critical Stakeholders in Ikeduru will rely on Very Rev. CNN NWANEBUs spiritual, moral and academic strength even as we approach another Local Government Council elections.

Dr. CNN has exhibited capacity as SA to the Governor on ALL RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS a man good judgment, honest abhorrent illegality and works hard pursuit of private and public confidence.


Hon Emma Nnadi
Sun. 3rd July 2022
HEALING-GRACE Campaign Organization

for Answer The Clarion Call Movement

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