PDP Plotting to truncate Democracy – Imo Govt

The Imo State government yesterday accused the State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) of plotting to truncate democracy in the State by calling for the declaration of a State of emergency.

Reacting to a press conference by the PDP that the federal government should declare a state of emergency in Imo should insecurity persist, the Government blamed the Party for the security breaches because it is still bitter that it lost the 2019 governorship election in the State.

In a statement by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon Declan Emelumba, the Government said the PDP has been a sour loser bent on rocking the boat, after it was sacked by the Supreme Court in 2020.

It noted that the suggestion by the PDP was a smokescreen to cover its real intention of destabilizing the State with a view to stopping the 2023 election.

“The Imo PDP has never hidden its unpatriotic desire to truncate the democratically elected Government of Senator Hope Uzodimma,” the statement averred.

“They sponsored and contrived insecurity in the State to make the State ungovernable, as they had vowed after they were lawfully booted out of office,” it further noted.

The Government said it has been working assiduously to contain the situation which has not spiralled out of control.

It disclosed that contrary to the claims of the PDP, the Government has not been intimidating the opposition, pointing out that both the PDP Presidential candidate and Labour Party counterpart had campaigned in the State without any untoward incident.

According to it, the PDP is afraid of contesting the upcoming elections because it knows that it can never defeat the APC.

The Government said the PDP has been suffering a self inflicted internal crisis such that the party is almost dead.

The Government asked the federal government to ignore the PDP as its desire is to overthrow Governor Hope Uzodimma in a violent manner instead of facing elections.

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