Estonian National Scholarship For International Students

Hi buddy, let’s have a detailed review of the Estonian National Scholarship, which is one of the most Suitable Scholarship programs for international students in need of proper funding for thier Academics.

The Estonian National Scholarship provides adequate Funding for international students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D degree at any institution Located in Estonian.


The Scholarship program was created in 1996, and it is been managed by the Estonian Ministry of Education in conjunction with other institutions located in Estonian.

However, the sole aim of this Scholarship program is to improve the Bi-literal Agreement between Estonian and Other Countries and also to promote internalization in Estonian Institutions, thereby Attracting Talented International students from different Countries of the world.


The Educational system in Estonia is among the best in the world, and currently the best among other European Countries.

Estonia is well-known to have several world-class universities offering top-notch bachelor’s, Master’s, P.h.d, and Doctoral programs in various Fields.

Some of the high-ranking universities situated in Estonia Include the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University of Technology, University of Tartu e.t.c

In the bid to help international students access the world-class education offered in Estonia, the Estonia Government Awards the Estonian National Scholarship, to outstandingĀ  Foreign students Irrespective of thier Country of Origin.


With the Estonian National Scholarship, International students would be privileged to receive Funding while they Pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D degree in Estonia.

Aspiring Bachelor and Master’s degree Students Selected for the Estonian National Scholarship program will be entitled to Funding of about 350 euros per month, whereas P.h.d students will receive 660 euros as Funding Every month.

Notwithstanding let’s get to see some other crucial information regarding the Estonian National Scholarships for international students.

Eligible Countries For The Estonian National Scholarship

Below are some of the Eligible countries that can participate for the Estonian National Scholarship, international students from any of the below-listed countries can apply for this Scholarship program.


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