University of Twente Scholarship For International Students

Netherland’s educational system is one of the best in the world, the Country has several world-class universities, offering Quality Educational programs at all levels.

However, University of Twente is among the most prestigious Universities in the Netherlands, the institution ranks among the top three(3) best research Universities in the Netherlands and the world at large.


Furthermore,University of Twente is also among the oldest universities in the Netherlands, it was established in 1961, the School’s head Campus is situated in the city of Enschede, Netherlands.

Nevertheless, our major Focus in this Article is to expose you to the University of Twente Scholarship, one of the major Scholarships Available to international students at University of Twente.


The University of Twente Scholarship is a scholarship program targeted at catering for international students interested in pursuing a master’s Degree program at the University of Twente.

Students Selected for this Scholarship Award are Talented international students from non-EU or non-European Entrepreneurship Regions.

This Scholarship program could either be a partially or Fully funded Scholarship, depending on the funding received by each students.

Surprisingly the Available funding available for each participant of this Scholarship ranges between 3000 euros to 22,000 euros per year, the supposed funding received by each student is based on thier Academic Archievements.


Beneficiaries of this Scholarship will receive funding directly, Tuition fees won’t be paid on student’s behalf, and students will have to pay thier tuition fees themselves through the funding received and also use the remaining Fees in sorting other Expenses incurred during thier Studies in Netherland.

Over fifty(50) international students from non-EU/EER countries are selected for the University of Twente Scholarship yearly.

Notwithstanding The University of Twente Scholarship has a duration of One(1) year, Although students offering a Two-year M.S.c program could request for an Extension, provided they have an Outstanding Academic performance in thier First year of study.

Without Further Ado, Let’s Dive Deep into this Scholarship, highlighting its Application Procedure, Requirements Criteria, and some other Additional Information.

Requirements Criteria For The University of Twente Scholarship For International Students

The information below are some of the Requirement Criterias you should take note of as international Students applying for the University of Twente Scholarship program.

1. Admission

Aspiring Students for the University of Twente Scholarship program must have received a provisional Admission to study a Master’s Degree course at University of Twente.

2. Previous Study

International Students Selected for this Scholarship program, are international Students who have previously studied any Undergraduate Degree program at University Twente. Most especially, international students interested in this Program must possess a Student’s number.

To be selected for this Scholarship program, student’s must have distinctive grade in thier previous Undergraduate study at University of Twente.

3. Student’s Visa

Aspiring Students for this Scholarship program, must meet-up with the entry visa requirements for international students who wish to further thier studies in the Netherlands.

4. English Language Proficiency

International Students aspiring for this Scholarship must possess proficiency in English Language, Aspiring students will be required to submit English test Score from registered exam bodies like TOEFL, IELTS e.t.c

Aspiring students who have TOEFL Test Score, must have a minimum score of 90, While Students With IELTS must meet up with a minimum Score of 6.5.

For a more Detailed Information about the University of Twente Scholarship For International Students, Click here

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