Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme

Norway is among the top study destinations, where you can access quality education as an International student, most Norwegian institutions have higher Acceptance for International Students.

Education in Norway is quite expensive because most Norwegian Institutions have higher Tuition fees, reason while we would review the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme.


Notwithstanding the high cost of living in Norway, is also a major concern for international students, Nevertheless, you shouldn’t bother any longer, because the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme could help you cater for your expenses while you further your Studies in Norway.

With the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme, international students will receive funding to study thier preferred undergraduate, Master, and P.h.d program at any of the Norwegian Institutions.


The Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme is among the list of Scholarships managed and Funded by the Norwegian Government.

The Sole purpose of the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme is to provide financial assistance that will be enough to cater for the Academics of International students from Developing countries of the World, most especially students from African Countries, East-Europe, Central Asia,e.t.c.

Another major aim of this Scholarship is to ensure each Recipient impacts thier home country positively, as a result of the Education or skills Acquired during thier studies in Norway, this is why the Scholarship board mandates all beneficiaries of the Scholarship to return to thier home country after completing thier Studies in Norway.

The Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme program is quite competitive, Recipients of this Scholarship program are chosen based on thier previous Academic Exploits.


Notwithstanding beneficiaries of this Scholarship program will receive 40% of thier total Academic Expenses in Norway as Grants, while the rest funding received by such students during thier studies is tagged as Loan.

The Funding received as Loan will be paid by the student, provided he/she doesn’t return to thier home country after the completion of thier studies in Norway.

Whereas International students who return to thier home country after finishing thier studies,will not be required to pay back the study loan.

So if you wish to study any higher degree program in Norway,ranging from Undergraduate,masters,to P.h.d degree without paying a Dime, the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme,will sincerely be a perfect choice for you.

Without Wasting much time,let’s dive deep into some other relevant details or informations about the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme,we got you covered,ensure you read through carefully.

Requirements Criteria For The Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme

Welcome,Onboard below are some of the basic requirements of the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme,do ensure you read through with Keen Attention.

1. Eligible International Students

This Norwegian Scholarship Program is for only International students, Norwegian Citizens or individuals with any residence permit in Norway are not eligible to apply for the Scholarship.

Nevertheless, not all international students are Eligible to apply, before applying for this Scholarship prospective international students should confirm if thier home country is among the list of Eligible countries to apply for the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme program.

Furthermore, International Students who are from an Eligible Country must have at least spent close to one year, before Applying for this Scholarship program.

2. Documents

International Students interested in this Scholarship program must have a senior secondary School Leaving Certificate, or a Two(2) years Diploma Certificate From a well-recognized institution in thier home country.

3. Language Proficiency

All Applicants for the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme must have good proficiency in English Language,because most programs offered in Norway are taught in English Language.applicants will be required to attach english test Scores like IELTS to prove they have good command of English.

4.Affiliated Institutions

The Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme only Award international students from any institution that is affiliated to any Norwegian University or College.For more information regarding this Scholarship Click here.

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