King’s College London Scholarships For International Students

In this Resource we would get to explore the list of King’s College London Scholarships For International Students, we would highlight some of the Available Scholarships in Kings College, that could help cater for the Studies of international students.

King’s College London is among the top institutions in UK offering Higher Education ranging from Bachelor’s, master’s, to Ph.D Degree programs, including Doctoral Degree programs.


Based on the Times Higher Education rankings Kings College London is currently ranked number one(1) in London, the institution is also among the top fifty(50) best universities Globally.

King’s College London is also among the oldest universities in England,the institution was established in 1829,the School has strong Affiliation with the prestigious University College London.


Furthermore, the School has strong reputation in the Field of Medicine, the Institution is currently the Largest Medical School in Europe, currently having close to Four(4) Teaching Hospitals.

Surprisingly King;’s College London has affiliations with over 150 highly-ranked universities in the World, these Partner universities work jointly with King’s College London, in offering Study abroad programs.

Some of the partner institutions of King’s College London include Paris Sabonne In France, Humboldt University Berlin, University of California e.t.c.

Despite the Outstanding Academic programs offered at King’s College London, the Tuition Fees at this School are quite Outrageous, it’s Tuition Fees range between $23,000 to $45,000 per year, which is expensive and Unbearable for most international students.


Nevertheless,the cost of tuition at the institution shouldn’t bother you any longer because there are several Scholarship programs that are available to international students at King’s College London.

We encourage you to go through each of these Scholarships with Keen Attention, to Know which of the Scholarships Suits your interest and goals as a person.

Without wasting much time let’s see the List of Scholarships Available to International Students At King’s College London, we Got you Covered, Let’s go.

King’s College London Scholarships For International Students

Welcome back, let’s have a Quick Overview of some of the Scholarship programs, International students could Apply for At Kings College London.

1. Undergraduate International Scholarship

This is a Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarship foe newly admitted international Students at King’s College London.

Furthermore, International Students who are Beneficiaries of The Undergraduate International Scholarship program will receive around 25,000 GBP Yearly.

2. King’s Business School Master’s Scholarship

International Students Eligible for this Scholarship Award are students interested in studying any Business or Financial program at master’s Degree Level.

The King’s Business School Master’s Scholarship provides Funding of about 5,000GBP to 10,000GBP per year to students who are Recipients of the Scholarship program.

So if you wish to Acquire an M.S.c in any financial or business-related program at King’s College, this Scholarship program should be perfect for you.

3. Richmont International Scholarship

The Richmont International Scholarship is worth around 11,040 GBP yearly and it’s specifically for International Students who wish to acquire a Master’s Degree in Global Leadership or any Peace Building program at King’s College London.

4. King’s Joint P.h.d Scholarship

The King’s Joint P.h.d Scholarship provides funding for international students offering any Joint P.h.d program offered between King’s College and other top Institutions like the University of Hong Kong,National University of Singapore, and University of South Pacific.

This Scholarship program covers Tuition Fees it also provides students with a monthly stipend and also a Research Grant worth 1,500 GBP.

5. Charles Wallace Scholarship

The Charles Wallace Scholarship is specifically for Talented International Students, interested in Studying any of theĀ  Research programs offered at King’s College London.

Requirements For King’s College London Scholarships For International Students

  • Aspiring Students for any of the Available Scholarships offered at King’s College London, must have an outstanding Academic Record in thier previous Studies.
  • Students Eligible for this Scholarship, are international students from countries situated outside Europe or England.
  • International Students who wish to apply for any Scholarships at King’s College, should confirm thier admission Status in the school, before attempting or Filling out any Scholarship Application.
  • Proof of English Language proficiency is required from international students, students Could Submit English test scores like IELTS, TOEFL e.t.c
  • Students Aspiring for this Scholarship program must have proof to show thier previous Involvement in any leadership duty, extracurricular activities, community work, or any vocational program.

For more clarity About the list of Scholarships Offered at King’s College London, Click here

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