Maynooth University Sport Schorlarship For Undergraduate Students

Are you interested in Furthering your studies as a sports Enthusiast? if yes I got you covered, this Article is an expository on the sports Scholarship offered to intending undergraduate Students at Maynooth.

International students with professionalism in any sport, should see this as an opportunity to Acquire a Bachelor’s Degree, After Finishing High School.


The Maynooth University Sport Scholarship For Undergraduate Students gives international students the privilege to pursue thier preferred undergraduate degree course for free at Maynooth University.

Maynooth University is also known as the National University of Ireland, it is the premier university of Ireland, and it was established in 1997.


The Sport Scholarship program offered by Maynooth University is Actually a Fully Funded Scholarship program, it’s covers all Academic-related expenses and also all sport-related fees of Selected students.

Despite being a fully funded scholarship, the sports Scholarship program offered at Maynooth University could be Terminated After student’s First year of study, if the supposed student has poor academic performance in thier First year of study.

The Scholarship program also provides students with sporting equipment and also covers all travel expenses incurred as a result of a student’s participation in any Sports Activity.

Maynooth University Sport Scholarship For Undergraduate Students is quite competitive, over 200 Applicants are selected yearly from the numerous Applications received yearly.


Without Further Ado, Let’s discuss all other relevant information regarding the Undergraduate Sport Scholarship offered to international students at Maynooth University Ireland.

Requirements Criteria of the Maynooth University Sport Scholarship For Undergraduate Students

1. School Leaving Certificate

International students interested in the Maynooth University Sports Scholarship For Undergraduate Students must have a School Leaving Certificate from a well-recognized high School in thier home country.

2. Eligible Students

Aspiring Students for the Sport Scholarship program offered at Maynooth University must have an Impressive Academic record or Grades in thier previous Studies.

Students Aspiring for this Scholarship program must not be a citizen of Ireland, or have any residency permit in Ireland.

Applicants for this Scholarship must not have completed thier High School Education in Ireland, or have any other Affiliation with Ireland.

The Scholarship board of the Maynooth University Sport Scholarship For Undergraduate Students selects international students who are actively involved or participated in any sports Activity in High School.

Students will show proof of thier involvement in sports in thier high schools, these proofs could be in pictures, Awards, videos e.t.c.

3. Language Proficiency

International students Applying for this Scholarship Award must be Fluent in English because most Undergraduate programs offered at Maynooth University are taught in English language.

4. Post-Activity

International Students Interested in the Maynooth University Sport Scholarship For Undergraduate Students, must be willing to represent and compete on behalf of Maynooth University at Any inter-University Competitions.

Selected Students For the Maynooth Undergraduate Sports Scholarship must join any of the top sports clubs at Maynooth University and must be Actively involved in any Activity or Events hosted by the Club.

Note: The Basis of the Renewal of the Sports Scholarship program is based on student Academic performance and Student’s active Involvement in any Sport-related Activity both within Maynooth University and outside Maynooth University.

Benefits Of The Maynooth University Sport Scholarship For Undergraduate Students

  • Recipients of this Scholarship program will be entitled to a financial bursary covering Tuition Fees, and All sport-related expenses incurred by the supposed Student.
  • Beneficiaries of this Scholarship program will have access to Qualified Fitness Coaches, these coaches will expose them to top-notch Fitness Training.
  • Recipients of this Scholarship will receive regular medication from a qualified Dietician
  • International Students Selected for this Scholarship, will be entitled to Free accommodation in thier First Year of Study.
  • Students who Qualify for this Scholarship will also be entitled to a free Gym Membership at any Gym of thier Choice.

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